Some people say things like “… we are helping that church to grow, we are helping that Pastor accomplish his vision, I came here to raise the choir or things like; if not because of my commitment in this or that area, this place would be empty by now”; and while others would not even talk but their attitude says it all.

Words like these are loose words and only cocky people talk or act that way. You cannot help a man of God fulfill his vision; you cannot help a Pastor grow a church or ministry by the resources, skills, strategies and concepts you’ve got. God is all a man needs to fulfill his vision and mandate. Whatever you have done or you are doing in your local church/ministry or for a minister of the gospel are a privilege and that God has counted you worthy to be a custodian of His resources. It is wiser and safer to see things that way!

Whenever you do or give anything for the sake of the glorious gospel, count it as the highest honour. If you have the opportunity to lead 12 people in a worship session or teach 17 folks the word of God, it is a great privilege. Do it as if it is your greatest assignment.

Whoever led Billy Graham to Christ never knew he was leading millions to Christ. He might not be known by us all, but He is well known at the court of God! In Christ Jesus, we need to be awakened to our sense of responsibility and our glorious ministry.

It takes a high level of irresponsibility to think you are helping God, a man of God or your local church. He that is wise is wise for himself. You’re actually not helping or blessing anyone per say, in the final analysis you will discover that you have helped yourself.

1 Peter 5: 5 [MSG] – So be content with who you are, and don’t put on airs. God’s strong hand is on you; he’ll promote you at the right time.


CONFESSION – I get stronger, wiser and better daily. I honour the Lord in everything and my life is spent, used and lived for his glory.