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This subject does not focus on the unbeliever, because he cannot have dominion over sin or lust until he/she is blood washed and becomes a new creation. But a whole lot of unwholesome stuffs happen especially among church folks and in a believer’s life, and I believe today’s devotional will be a voice of your conscience instructing you to take responsibilities.

I have been around church environment and have been involved with ministry activities since I was a kid, and I can boldly tell you it’s a one place to live in hypocrisy and perfect disguise if you really want to. Eli’s two sons can say a lot better.

There have been several times in my life as a believer when I really wanted to behave rightly and act according to the God’s Word, but my body seemed absolutely intent on doing exactly the opposite. There are times I desperately decided to kept right and yield not to devil’s attempt and the promptings of my flesh, but I am soon enough overtaken by an overpowering force.

You know what I am talking about. You have been there too. Every believer has experienced such thing in one way or another. Most things you never wanted to do, you ended up doing them, and immediately you lose your peace, then your conscience start would start to prick and judge. This feelings must happen if you are born again – If you don’t experience such, then you’re no less than an infidel.

But God is far greater than our conscience or feelings, because this Kingdom is not based on emotions, though we are emotional beings and our God has emotions too, but the lifestyle we have been bestowed with and initiated into does not work that way. We operate by faith and not by sensory perceptions.

Since our salvation came but faith, it must be maintained and sustained by faith. But Grace is another higher dimension of a kind of faith. A higher dimension because grace is accessed by faith. We were born again by SAVING FAITH, but the life in us is maintained by a KNOWING GRACE. This knowing grace means you are free from sin, but not free to sin.

This is what KNOWING GRACE is all about:  2 Peter 1 : 2 [KJV] … “ Grace and peace be multiplied through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord.” Grace is supplied and lavishly sponsored upon you ONLY based on your knowledge of God and His Son Jesus – It’s simply based the Word and your relationship with Him.

Many people pray for grace, a lot have asked to me to pray for them to have grace. But the New Testament believers are not instructed to pray for grace. We are meant to grow in grace based on our knowledge of the Word. This knowledge means to be aware of something; it deals with the consciousness of someone or with who you are. It is a knowledge that which your soul has taken a possession of.

Also in 2 Peter 3 : 18 [KJV] … “But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ “. To grow here means “To take the advantage”. The quality of time with Jesus daily and the measure of study you spend in the Word determines how much grace is multiplied unto you. Why is the other person increasing and you’re stagnant, it’s simply based on what he knows and you do not.

Multiplication of Grace is based on knowledge; dominion over any circumstances is actualized by what you know. My people [Believers, Christians] are perished and destroyed for lack of knowledge. [Hosea 4: 6]. You will end up like mere men and walk on in shadows if you don’t grow up to know what God has made available to you. [Psalm 82: 5 – 7].

Another crucial element and vital aspect in having dominion and maintain constant victory is making a quality decision, from which there is no retreat, argument, excuse and complaints on what the Word has said about you. Whenever you are encumbered with guilt or when you are tempted to condemn yourself, all you need do is to walk in the light of 1 John2: 1 – 2. Each time you groan and condemn yourself, you’ll easily fall into the same mistake next time.

You have to accept the Lordship of the Word as the final authority over your life. There must be a deliberate decision and action on your part, God will not do this for you. He has set before you life and death, but the actual choosing and the quality decision and action is up to you.

Oh no Brother Ransome! “We have to fight the flesh constantly”, as some would think or say. “The old man is evil; it always opposes God, Blah! Blah!! Blah!!!” The truth is: Jesus has done everything is going to do about the devil, sin and death on the cross and in the resurrection. We are not half God and half devil.  Jesus paid the price for our whole and total being – Spirit, Soul and The Body.

Take authority and dominion over your flesh now based on your knowledge of the Word and see grace multiplied to you one day at a time and those stuffs that you struggle with will fizzle out gradually.


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*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Dear Father, thank you for granting me insight into the mysteries and secrets of all that you did for me in Christ, I walk in full understanding and take the position of my authority and oneness with Christ in Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY I have dominion over every form of lust and sin, I grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and more grace is lavishly supplied unto me today and always. I recognize the Lordship and the authority of the Word in me today and I communicate this truth to others.


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  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – Galatians 2 : 20; Hebrews 4 : 16
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 17 ; Evening – Exodus 14, 15


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