05/01/2015| OVERCOMING SIN CONSCIOUSNESS – Brother Ransome | #ROR Daily Devotional … We Bless The Day!

The enemy brings a fiery accusation against the believer each time he misses the mark which makes the believer feels so guilty, inferior and condemned [Rev 12: 10]. Devil’s ultimate goal is to weaken our stand of righteousness and inflict us with shame and guilt that will gradually destroy our stand of righteousness with God and in Christ. He wants to destroy our fellowship, relationship and participation with the Father. This is the bondage of sin consciousness, and as he achieves this, the accuser sets us back into trying to be righteous by our efforts and works.

We have already attained the highest level or form of righteousness attainable in Christ Jesus; therefore, we cannot be more righteous than we are since the day we are born again. It is a gift, given to all men; Jesus paid it once and for all. He died once and was raised up once, and He is not going to do that again for anybody. You cannot increase or grow in Righteousness, you can only grow in the grace and in the knowledge produced by being conscious in the finished works of Jesus Christ. This is Righteousness consciousness [2 Peter 3: 18].

The more conscious you are of your stand of righteousness with God, the more the fruits of righteousness is produced in you and by you. The world does not see the gift of righteousness, but the fruits will definitely be evident and this is based how conscious, aware and how much of this knowledge has possessed your soul. A daily consciousness of the gift of righteousness will produce a right or moral living through.

Righteousness is the work of God within us; Right-Living is the work without. But sadly, a whole lot of Christians are letting the latter gain eminence over the former. There will never be a work without until there is a work within. Righteousness produces rightness, not the other way round, with the Righteousness of God in us, right-living will emanate from us easily.

We ought to know that Righteousness is of a greater consequence than works; inner grace is far more important than outward gifts. The fruits of the Spirit is far more necessary that the gifts and love is more significant than power.

Righteousness is a matter of truth, not a matter of feelings, whether good or bad. Righteousness is who you are, and that’s the way God see you and every other believer. We don’t struggle to do right. We are the Father’s beloved.

There is no need for us to keep the Ten Commandments, for the law has been abolished. We now have the righteousness which is superior to the requirements of the law. If you try to keep the Ten Commandments, it is your flesh trying to attempt it. And if you finally allow the law to gain its full supremacy, the works of the Holy Spirit will be deactivated [Philippians 3: 9].

Grace means that God has done something for me; Law means I must pay back what God has done for me. Who on earth can pay for God’s grace? By trying to live right? The highest glory lies not in what in what I have to give to the Lord, but in His acceptance of me. That God is even willing to accept me is amazing grace.

***NOTE *** 21 Days continues till 22nd January, During this period of the fasting, we would spend time to pray in the Spirit [in other tongues] at 8am, 12noon and 10pm [local time] respectively for 30 minutes. Follow the LIVE PRAYER POSTS ON TWITTER – @24HrsPrayers. God Bless you!


*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Thank you precious Holy Spirit for declaring me as the righteousness of God in Christ, I am his workmanship created unto good works and I am conscious of it and I am unmoved by every scheme of the wicked one in Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY – The nature of God in me is righteousness; therefore I do not struggle to do right because righteousness has given me the ability stand before God without any sense of guilt, inferiority and condemnation. I am free and set at liberty into the perfect will of God.


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  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – 2 Corinthians 5 : 21 ; Ephesians 1 : 17; 1 John 1 : 7; 2 Peter 1 : 4
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 23 : 1 – 32; Evening – Exodus 36, 37, 38


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