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God wants extra ordinary Christians, those who can reach out to the lost and hurting people. God desires that we serve Him wholeheartedly and become expendable for Him. When you become born again, you automatically become the part of the body of Christ – The Church Universal.

There’s The Universal Church and also The Local Church, the former identifies you with Christ, the latter initiates you with the brethren and the communion. You have to identify with a local church available in your neighbourhood or province where you can be nourished and made perfect unto good works in Christ Jesus.

I have always encouraged believers all around the world to be a consistent and functioning member of a local church where much priority is place on God’s Word, constant manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit, not just an arena of methods and doctrines, but where the Life of Jesus is manifested in its full capacity for the present day new testament Christian.

Becoming available, committed and consistent in your church will bring out the best in you, it will train and mature you for a required responsibility, and make you thorough so you can bless her in return with so much from the treasures you have been blessed with. Your church is God’s perfect idea to equip and completely furnish you.

Far too many people just attend church, but don’t know the joy of being fully involved and active or what they can do to be a blessing to their pastor and the church. When you don’t step out to function and take your place, the entire body can be affected.

These are 6 ways among many others to be a blessing to your local church:

  • PRAY FOR AND ENCOURAGE YOUR PASTOR – This is so important and highly imperative. No church can grow more than her Pastor; the capacity of your pastor’s vision also determines the capacity of the church. How anointed your pastor is will place a demand on how mega and influential the church will become. Prayer helps to bear the burdens of the ministry work, encouraging your pastor from time to time with words and gifts will also go a million miles.
  • PRAY FOR THE CHURCH – The believers constitute a church not the building. Learn to pray for your church’s numerical, financial and spiritual growth. You will definitely see the results of what you pray for gradually.
  • ATTEND ALL CHURCH MEETINGS [Especially Mid – Week Meetings/Services] – Faithful believers don’t joke with church meetings especially the mid – week ones. The anointing of God’s Spirit is more evident at those meetings.
  • BECOME A CONSISTENT GIVER – You should be faithful in your financial responsibilities from tithing, offerings, partnership and fully supporting your church projects. Become a source of blessing to your pastor and his family as well with your substance.
  • INVITE AND TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR CHURCH – A great drop makes a mighty ocean, the 5000 – seaters mega church today started with where two or three are gathered. Publicize your church, encourage friends to visit, go on the street and win a soul or evangelise, call someone to join you for church service, invite friends via social media network platform, speak graciously about your pastor and the church, your healthy words can make the difference.
  • BE A PART OF THE STRUCTURE, JOIN A DEPARTMENT – Your activities or roles in a particular department or office in your local church will definitely make a change, it will make you more responsible and bring the best in your capacity. Becoming a part of the departmental structure will enable you develop your gifts and others hidden talents or skills will find expression.

Make a commitment today to be a blessing to your church; your church can grow in length and breadth because of your active responsibility, ask God in what area you can really be of a blessing, make up your mind and act right away. Church growth is from the Lord but your effort can go a long way.


*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Father I thank you for my church, thank you for my pastor and all members, thank you for directing me to the right place, I make a commitment to be responsible and be a blessing henceforth in Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY I Love my church, I am committed and responsible to her. Through me, my church gets a newer and better level influence that will bless and change the society and the world for Jesus.


[On Love] – The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

[On Life] – Behind every successful man, there are lots of unsuccessful years.

[On Success/Business] – I am willing to go anywhere, as long as it is forward.

  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – Jeremiah 23 : 4 ; Hebrews 13 : 7 & 17 ; 1 Timothy 5 : 17
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 14 : 1 – 21 ; Evening – Exodus 1, 2, 3


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