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There are many important days in a man’s life, but of all these days, Five [5] of them are the most important; these days determine what makes or mar you. I am certain that these days come in our lives to begin something new or end something old.

They are: [1.] Day of Birth [2.] Day of Salvation [3.] Day of Purpose Discovery [4.] Day of Marriage [5.] Day of Death. I would have loved to discuss extensively on each of these days, but I promise to write a concise article on that on www.BrotherRansome.com. So I’ll like to stick to number 4 to fulfill the intended purpose of today’s devotional.

Out of these important days, THE DAY OF MARRIAGE is the only day that allows a unique partner to journey with you. You might have had different people with you on the other days, but this one is unique. Life is a journey, and at this stage of your life, a covenant partner or a company is not just needed, but becomes a necessity.

Psalm 68: 6 … “God sets the solitary [lonely] into families.” Every journey embarked upon isolation will lead to desolation. There is a point in your life that you require a team for your dream, and the best team mate is your spouse. There are many women in a man’s life, but there’s only one woman meant for a man’s destiny and purpose fulfillment.

My elder brother got married few days ago, the joy and the peace on his face was so obvious that I could almost handle it. I have stayed with him for years, but I have never seen him as happy as he was on the day he got married. I am not married yet [though engaged], but I look forward to seeing that day when I will also be lunched in that lovely phase of ecstasy.

We are in a world today where Christian families face rejection, divorce, separation etc, and these challenges have gradually become a norm spanning through races, backgrounds, colours and even also taking a grip in the body of Christ.

The forces of hell are doubled now to making Christian marriages fail. This is why we must romantically and prayerfully guard and guide our spouses and families. As unbelievers are falling out of wedlock so are believers too. You must consciously stand against any scheme, program or individual that wants to bring separation in your marriage, family, between your parents or even that of your loved ones.

There are many women/men [busybodies] going about stealing joy from homes, causing rifts between spouses, many in-laws have become out-laws, several staffs in the offices now have the lordship and the possession of the heart of some spouses, bringing in tears, damaging and altering the blessings of Marriage. It’s the spirit of Babylon, and I judge you today and put an end to your operations in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The future of our country, church and the society begins from our homes. Fathers are failing to raise their sons with basic standard morals; Mothers too are showing cruel and ungodly examples to daughters. Mentors have become thorns in the flesh of their protégés.

Dear friend, There is a blessing in and for every marriage. Determine to make yours a role model. Pray and intercede for those who are facing divorce, separation and infidelities in their marriages. This challenge is more spiritual than it is physical. Pray for Christian families all around the world to be stronger against the secular world.

To the married, stay married! Bring out the best in your spouse. There will always be misunderstanding, but learn say sorry even if you’re the offended. Make up your mind to make your marriage work. Help others make theirs work too, but on their permission.

To the un-married, don’t rush into it. Don’t marry because all your friends are getting married. Get married for a cause. Marry someone who cannot do without you and you cannot do without. Marry someone you are physically and sexually attracted to. Don’t allow parents or mentors match make you. Listen to your inner voice, Let the Holy Spirit overtake your emotions and help you manage it rightly.

Don’t chase shadows. If you have been hurt or abused, you can love again, there’s always a man for every woman, and a new relationship is never the same with the old. Humans are kind, and all men are good, especially the one that is meant for you.

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*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Father I thank you for the blessings you have invoked on marriage, and I am a partaker of it. I birth great generations that will build nations, the church and make the society a better place in Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY I stand to have a godly marriage, and a family that will represent God on every platform. My marriage is perfect, void of separation and divorce. I stand against infidelity and immorality in my relationship, marriage and family. I am a role model and I stand for Jesus Christ always. Glory to God!!!


[On Love] – The most precious gift a man can have after salvation, is the heart of a woman who fears the Lord, whose feet are laid on the pathway of successful living.

[On Life] – I do not quit because I am tired, I quit because I am successfully done

[On Success/Business] – By all means, have fun. By all means, verify the truth for yourself. In the end you alone are in a position to decide what is right for you; because you are the one that will live with the consequence of your decisions.

  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – 1Peter 4 : 8; Ephesians 4 : 2 – 3; Mark 10 : 9
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 8 : 1 – 17; Evening – Genesis 25, 26


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