11/01/2015 | A BALANCED PRAYER LIFE – Brother Ransome | #ROR Daily Devotional … We Bless The Day!

I finished working few minutes before midnight and as I was getting ready to take a rest, the Holy Spirit began to impress upon my heart the need for more prayers. I have prayed for several hours during the day, yet this burden came up again until we prayed till around 1 : 48 am.

Prayer is sweet: I often say, it is more of a fellowship than it is of a request. Prayer should not be made only whenever we want to receive from God or when we need an important miracle or some breakthroughs. God wants the association of His children; He hungers that we should make coming to His presence top of our priority.

He desires that we have a consistent and fervent prayer life. We disobey the call of The Father whenever we refuse to pray. The prayer responsibility is the most important of our lives today. There is something about the call of the soul which cannot be denied and it appears that God would not do anything unless we choose to pray.

We must have the prayer habit! We must pray when we feel like and when we do not. We must fellowship with the Father until the life and the glory radiates on us and it becomes evident for the world to see. Regardless of how we may feel, we must force and drive ourselves to prayer. This body will never wish to pray until when dangers come knocking, then we start seeking His face.

One cannot spend an hour with the Father or a conscious communion with the Holy Spirit and the Word without carrying a large portion of the fragrance that emanates from them. Your faith will come alive in such arena, the mouth of lions would be stopped and the wicked one – the accuser will be silenced.

We draw a perfect example from the ministry of Jesus, Moses and Elijah. It’s amazing what these men did with prayer. LISTEN TO THIS NOW: PRAYER ALONE CAN GIVE SUCCESS. Jesus prayed all night long and the next day He was walking on the sea [Luke 6: 12]. Elijah prayed, locked the heavens and pocketed the keys [James 5: 17]. It is so remarkable how men of flesh can tell God what to do.

Let the Holy Spirit minister to you today and pray to cause the change that will make this world a better place. Receive the burden to pray now in Jesus name and to make supplication and intercession for all men, for God’s children all around the world and for nations. GRACE TO YOUR HEART!


*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Dear Father, I thank you for impressing upon me the burden to pray. I honour the privilege to appear in your presence and I am helped by the Holy Spirit to be consistent in Jesus name.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY My prayer life is revived and renewed. I walk in a new dimension of my fellowship with the Father and the burden burns more and more until the will of God is carried out through me and in me.


[On Love] – The best feeling comes when you realize that you’re perfectly happy with someone who shares the same ideas as you do.

[On Life] – There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

[On Success/Business] – Kill them with excellence and success, and then bury them with a smile.

  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – Matthew 7 : 7 ; John 14 : 13 – 14 ; Philippians 4 : 6 – 7
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 26 : 1 – 25 ; Evening – Exodus 11, 12


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