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God’s purpose for every believer is to attain the measure of the fullness (maximum load, overflowing measure) of the divine personality and the supremacy of the deity of Christ beyond the written pages. The New Creation in Christ is more than a teaching, doctrine or movement. It is the appearance of God Himself. What Moses had was a shadow, what Elijah had was a mirage, but the new creation is the figure of the Father. Abraham met a type of Christ, but we house the Christ Himself.

Solomon in all his arrays of bliss could not attain it; John the Baptist who was the greatest of all men born out of women could no longer stand with the smallest in our kingdom when reality of the fullness came into place. This is the ultimate; this is the absolute reality of God’s perfection.

There nothing more that God will give to man except this unfathomable package unveiled in Christ. It cannot be grasped by the sense realm; human’s mind will never comprehend the dimension. Christ is the center of God’s economy; He is the God-given portion.

He is not only a person, but also a place; He is a fortified city which can be felt or touch, it is an assemblage of the initiated. It has been prepared ahead of time, strictly for the Father’s beloved. Even the angels who desired to gaze upon it and be clothed with the raiment were denied. He fills all in all. He is the beacon that shines in every city, and you don’t need a signboard to be there.

The Father’s focus is no longer on Jesus (Emmanuel) – God with us; but rather on Christ (The Anointed one and His anointing) – God in us. Jesus became my substitute, but Christ became my property. The names are inseparable, of one identity but of a different functionality. The former brings us into awareness and identification; the latter brings us into partnership and glorification.

2 Corinthians 5: 17, Ephesians 2: 15 and Galatians 6: 15 is all that matters. We have a divine nature superior to sin, sickness, death and the devil himself. We are now deities and gods. We have been made the participators in the divine experience and sharers of celestial verities. Thereby, we replicate Heaven’s activities on the earth.

This is the New Creation Realities. We are brand new men, a new species of a different order and pedigree. A being who has never existed before, a being with no pasts. We have gained ascendancy over condemnation and guilt; we have become the masters of the written Word. Everything about the man in Christ is new and authentic. Not only is the man new, but his manifestations also.

It is so wrong for any Christian to attempt to live the Christian life. This is not God’s purpose. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. (Galatians 2: 20). The old man has ceased to live, he has died. When Christ rose, the old man couldn’t rise with Him, the new creation rose with Christ.

What lives now is Christ in us, the Hope of Glory; Christ cannot be expressed in this world any longer except in the image of the new creations. This is what the world sees now, the various Christs on the streets.

Henceforth, I will no longer try to do anything to please God; for if I do then I immediately place myself under the yoke of my effort, for whenever God looks upon me, He doesn’t see me per se, what He sees is Christ. Therefore, I have no alternative. I must see myself the way God sees me and say what He says about me.

The New creation does not strive to be holy. Christ is the Holiness, He lives in me and He brings every item of my life to produce the fruits of Holiness. A new creation does not need deliverance. He has already been delivered from Satan, sin, sickness etc.

The New Creation is superior to demons and their effects. From what should he be delivered? Expect from lack of knowledge and ignorance of God’s Word. Colossians 1: 13 put our deliverance in past tense reality. Satan is not afraid of Christians doing good works; he is more scared of Christian doing the will of God. The Will of God is the Word of God. This is the manual a new creation lives by.

Let me begin to draw my conclusion on this note. One important word of 2 Corinthians 5: 17 we so often wink at is “BEHOLD”. There is a huge difference between having something, and knowing that you have it. Many believers are lost in the quagmire of ignorance, and so many have never even caught a glimpse of what God has made available to them, let alone of taking the advantage and walking in the light of it.

This is why prayer is so imperative, especially “The Prayer for Revelation” and “The Prayer of Realization in Ephesians Chapters 1 and 3 are highly recommended and necessary. There will be so much alliance with the Word and us so much that virtues will flow from the Word into us as we spend time in prayer. Mind you, Prayer in this arena is more of a fellowship, than it is of a request.

There is a higher demand of responsibility on our part to express the life of God embedded in us to the fullest. So I encourage you to “BEHOLD”, “GAZE” “LOOK INSIDE OUT” until you portray the image of the God-head within and you’re finally awakened to the fatherhood of God.


*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Precious Holy Spirit, thank you for this wonderful unveiling of who I am in Christ Jesus my Lord, I take full advantage of my rights in Christ and I walk and function in the consciousness of it in Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY I am brand new, the old me no longer exist, I am new and genuine. There is more to me than this, destiny cannot stop here, I go upward and forward only and daily. Thank you Lord Jesus.


                [On Love] – Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

                [On Life] – We do not remember days, we remember moments.

                [On Success/Business] – Coming together is  a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success


  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – Ephesians 2 : 19; Colossians 1: 12 – 14
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 9 : 1 – 17; Evening – Genesis 29, 30


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