02/02/2015 | THE BLESSEDNESS OF INTERCESSION – Brother Ransome | #ROR Daily Devotional … We Bless The Day!

Prayer is the secret of success in all Christian work. It defies all the power of the world and fit men to conquer the world for Christ. We must enlarge our hearts for the blessed task of intercession. It is in intercession for others that our faith and love and perseverance will be aroused and the power of the Spirit will be made available to save the lost and the world.

In this present worldwide climate of unbridled evil, we are becoming desperate and nations are unraveling. There are more rumors of wars breaking out, nations are rising against themselves. The Lord needs you at these crucial times of dangers and woes, to stand and watch for His people and also for nations. Our prayers and the time we spend in the secret place will usher in the presence of God for the monumental harvest and great awakening the world waits for. God can bring a spiritual awakening to a country like U.S, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and others with our intercession.

Jesus is our perfect model of intercessory prayer. His life was a life of intercession and even now He is at the right hand of God interceding, and there are many other notable examples of intercessors included in the Scriptures. Some of the prayers recorded in the Bible reveals how intercessors understood the omnipotence of God and the difference that can be made through the prayers, even in seemingly impossible situations.

James 4: 16 [AMP] … “The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of righteous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working)”.Intercessors are righteous men, they are nation’s keepers. They produce results and make the world a better place. Intercession requires time, energy and effort. The attention of the soul and spirit are included as well, and also the empowerment and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to be able to know what to pray for and about at a particular time.

You can change the world through prayers. Prayer alone can bring success. Intercessory prayers will not easily come by; we must force ourselves into it, especially at night. We must wrestle and travail to prevail until we bring forth many sons into glory and deliver them into the glorious liberty of the children of God. In God’s name, I beseech you, let prayer nourish your soul as a meal nourishes your body. GRACE TO YOUR HEART!


*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Father, I thank you for imparting into me this day a new passion to pray and spend time with you to be able to effect changes in my world. I receive the special ability to bring forth what you have ordained for me this year n Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY I have been called into intercessory prayers, and my soul is knitted into it henceforth. I make tremendous power available to cause changes in my world today and all days. I have the strength from above and I am victor in intercession by the power of the Spirit.


[On Love] – You just need a loving heart and inside your loving heart you are never poor.

[On Life] – All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride

[On Success/Business] – A man, though wise, should never be ashamed of learning more, and must unbend his mind.

  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – 1 Samuel 12 : 23; Romans 8 : 26
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Mark 9 : 1 – 29; Evening – Numbers 31, 32, 33 


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