10/04/2015 | TREASURES IN EARTHEN VESSELS– Brother Ransome | ROR Daily Devotional … We Bless The Day!

Every valuable substance has a vessel or package where in it is stored, kept and preserved. When you buy a costly jewelry or wrist watch, they are kept and packaged in a container specifically decorated to match the substance inside so that it can attract the buyer. The outward beauty of the vessel is designed to give a glimpse and a foretaste of the treasure inside.

This is the exact picture of the believer in Christ. We have been packaged without, but adorned with the glorious treasures and the unsearchable riches of the verities of Christ within. We have received the deposits of Christ shut up in our physical bodies, the brilliance of Christ shines forth from us and it is expressed and manifested always in our “tabernacles”.

2 Corinthians 4: 7 … “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the Excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” But we must never forget that these treasures are in an earthen vessel no matter how attractive it seems to look, the glory of the treasures within cannot be compared to the beauty of the package.

Sadly many believers are concerned about “their earthen vessels”. I love the NIV’s rendering, “Jars of Clay”, so much attention is given to the package outside and we are too busy to unlock and take a hold of the real treasure inside. Many have chosen to remain comfortable with the shadows and the glimpse, they have refused to look, unlock and seize the real treasures.

It’s high time we quit beholding the glories of the container, there must be a breaking of the outward man for the release of the inward man, and by this the Excellency of the power will be of God and not of us. We will cease to take credit for any act of service or mercy displayed by us; everything will showcase the fullness of the power of God in us.

Nothing of the past can be equal to that of the present, and that of the now cannot be compared to that which is yet to come. I pray that God will bring you to the plateau where He has designed for you, to the mountain top where you see things the way He sees them, and you will not have rest until all the treasures on the inside are unleashed to the fullest . GRACE TO YOUR HEART!!!


*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Dear Father, thank you for opening my eyes to this glorious revelation of whom I am and what has been made available to me in Christ Jesus, I take the full advantage of these realities in Jesus name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY – I am an embodiment of God’s divine deposits, I have all the fullness of the God – head bodily and I am a conveyor of it many. Hallelujah!!!

***QUOTES OF THE DAY –         

[On Love]Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.

[On Life]The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away.

[On Success/Business] The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away.

  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – Proverbs 12 : 5; 2 Corinthians 2 : 10
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – John 1 :1 – 28 ; Evening – 2 Kings 7, 8, 9




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