Many have tried all they could to do things to be accepted by God, they have gone to all breaths and lengths to earn God’s approval; they have placed several demands on themselves, and they are still trying. They go like “I need to consecrate myself for God’s use”, if God’s really going to use me, then I will have do this or that, there’s a price I will have to pay to get some manifestations”.

Some, because of their endless search, they were met with frustrations and thus choosing to tread on a wrong path; and while on the wrong path, the vacuum is still very much there and their thirsts never quenched. Actually ordeals like these are results of self – righteousness consciousness, and as long as a man functions in this perspective, he will always try to do something to earn God’s qualification and will never earn it.

Even when challenges arise, they can easily trace it to something they did wrong somewhere (also in the same vein, when they record achievements in an endeavour, they go on to attribute to it something they have done right.) Jesus is the end of every search! In Him all journeys are completed and every search ended.

Jesus is all the qualification a man needs.

He is the answer to everything; having Him is having everything

Receiving Him is receiving answer to everything.

In Him, there are no “ifs”; in Him is “Yes and “Amen”. Glory to God!

Colossians 1: 12 [NLT]Always thanking the Father, He has “enabled you” [qualified you] to share in the inheritance that belongs to his people, who live in the light.

This is not what God is trying to make available for us, He’s already done it. Are you a part of God’s people who live in the light? In Jesus? In the reality of the Word of God? Then you are “a sharer” of all the inheritances made and reserved for everyone who live in the light. You’re not to make it available; it is yours already! Jesus made it so.

Your duty is to appropriate these realities by walking in the light of who are and what you have and to give thanks to God always who has (made you meet, qualified) enabled you; just like Paul did on behalf of the Colossian folks (and so you do same for others).


CONFESSION – Christ is my qualification; He has certified me. I have been made to share in the inheritance of the saint in the light. I have no fear or worry. Glory to God!



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