It is no longer you who live, but Christ in you. The life you live in the flesh is by the faith of Him who gave Himself for you. The ability of God in the believer is unlimited and inexhaustible; the fullness of divinity domiciles in us and everything we would ever require for life has been given to us in abundance and increasing measure.

God is not trying to give you, He has given you; He’s not hoping to make you full someday, you have simply been made full. It is not a promise but a statement of fact. The ability of God in you was not granted you in measure or some part; you were given the fullness, you have received the completeness of God.

1 John 4: 4 [KJV] – Ye are of God little children and have overcome them because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

God is at work in you, the Holy Spirit is fully at work in you and you really need to awaken yourself to these deposits of God. Now is the time to launch out and earnestly demonstrate all of God’s abilities endowed on you. It is high time you manifested all your inward graces and outward gifts.

Today is the moment to respond and use the ability of ours and make it known to nations, islands and distant shores. We were crafted for good works; we were created for greater works. We are His workmanship. We have been empowered with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. We have all legal rights and privileges just like Jesus. We are supermen, we have become Spiritual giants. Glory to His name, even us!

CONFESSION – God in me is mighty, therefore I am mighty. I take mighty steps and I get mighty results. I am a mighty man of valour. Halleluyah!

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