1. Kindly click on the image below to download the devotional.

2. After download, Check your “Google Drive” or “File Manager”, it may be stored there (if you are using android device) you may have to move it to other place within your device or leave it there. Google Drive is safe to keep files and document in case you format or lose your device.

3. You will need any “PDF READER” to view or read the devotional (every device automatically has PDF READER)  , but we recommend “UNIVERSAL BOOK READER”, it is the best app to read any downloaded book. You will really love it, Please try it.

4. Please kindly share on social media, with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to reach many people. Recommend the devotional for someone today! Let’s spread the Word of God!




Click on the image to download devotional.


JULY 2018 (VOLUME 2)

Click on the image to download devotional.



JUNE 2018 (VOLUME 1)

Click on the image to download devotional.


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