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Everything in creation speaks. They reflect deep spiritual principles encoded in a natural order. Stars are such creation that reflects divine and eternal values. Every star comes out clearly in the night; you hardly see stars in the daytime. But there is a star that shines in the day; it called the Morning Star – The Daystar – Jesus Christ.

In heaven, arch-angels and angels under them are sectioned in hierarchies and order of responsibilities, some are in charge of warfare, some good news, another section for protection, some ministers around the universe to implement God’s agenda for people and nations, many are involved as errands of salvation, while larger percentage are retained in heaven for worship.

Lucifer was an arch – angel, the Bible referred to him as the anointed cherub who covers [guards]; he was the supreme guardian of God, the son of the morning and the star that shines in the day who walked in the midst of the stones of fire. He reflected the glory of God above other angels because he stayed more in God’s presence than any of them.

God had decided to bless all his creations [even celestial ones] with gifts to make free choices, then Lucifer’s heart was lifted against God … “by the abundance of your trade, you were internally filled with violence, and you shined; you corrupted your wisdom by the reason of your splendor. [Ezekiel 28: 16 – 17]

This gave Michael a hard time to combat him when Lucifer rebelled, though they were both arch – angels, and Michael being empowered for battle and warfare, but still could not overcome him because of the amount of light and glory that has been deposited in Him from God’s presence, but until Michael spoke “The Lord Rebuke Thee”.

The Bible states in Revelation 12: 7 … “And There was war in heaven” … meaning a war broke out in heaven. For a man to have declared war in heaven where God resides, he must have gained something exceptional and powerful the other angels do not have.

Being the wisest and the strongest of all God’s celestial creations, he successfully got one – third of heaven’s angels to rebel with him. Revelation 12: 4.. “And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven”. But God doesn’t fight his creations; He is too supreme for that, he allows creations fight themselves. But He had to empower Michael when he used the word “The Lord Rebuke Thee”, the same thing Jesus did when the devil came tempting him in the wilderness.

In Isaiah 14: 12 -16 … Lucifer was defeated and he fell with others who rebelled with him, and then Jesus came again to finally subdue him and his armies. The moment He gave up the ghost on the cross, He went down straight to hell and He got rid of everything in Satan’s possession on the earth and stripped him off all his splendor and beauty.

Buddha means “the enlightened one” … he lived hundreds of years before Jesus, at his death – bed, he said “I am yet to find my path, I am still searching for the truth”. Jesus was not only enlightened, He is the Light. He is the truth personified. He brought us the realities and He does not need to search for it. Buddha still died in the dark with all the knowledge and enrichment of his wisdom, but we are the sons of the day and light of the World, with better concept and insight above Buddha or Plato.

Jesus is the daystar, the true and the greater light that shines upon everyone in the world, and He has placed that same Lucifer under His feet, and not His feet alone but ours too, this made Him and us greater and excellent in glory and authority above Lucifer himself and his fallen angels.

In 2 Peter 1: 12 – 18 … Peter was about to die, and he gave his last and final words to the believers of his day [us inclusive], He narrated his experience with Christ, making them realize what Jesus did is a reality, and its far beyond fables or mere stories, but an eye – witness account and experience.

From walking on the sea to drying up a fig tree, present at Lazarus tomb, he witnessed how he came back from the dead. He saw Moses and Elijah face to face at His transfiguration. He saw how the winds and the waves obeyed him, fed thousands of people, raised Jairus’ daughter and the man who was bedridden for 38 years and many others.

But in vs 19 … In spite of all these supernatural experiences and manifestations; there is something higher and greater reserved for us. It is The Sure Word of Prophecy; that will make us lights and stars that shines in the dark till day dawn, and until the Daystar arise in our hearts which no speck of darkness can comprehend.

A man whom the Daystar has risen in his heart will always speak The Sure Word of Prophecy – the inspired message, he will boldly speak in the face of a gun, he will speak prosperity in the face of poverty, health in the face of sickness.

Lucifer rose to depose God and caused rebellion in the hearts of holy angels, but Jesus came to establish and restore God to His rightful place in the hearts of his holy children. Never allow the suggestions of Lucifer rise in your heart, don’t look for any star in the sky; the daystar is in your heart. Let Him rise higher and higher until the day dawn, till the same experience Peter had with Christ is repeated also in your life by the reason of the sure word of prophecy you have acted or still acting upon. Glory to His name, even us.


* PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Dear Father thank you for opening my eyes to this beautiful revelation knowledge of your Word, Thank you Lord Jesus for shining the greater light ahead, making me see brighter and brighter till the perfect day, I live in this consciousness  now and always in Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY I am of the day, not of the dark, I am the child of the light and I have the sure Word of Prophecy to live by, I am the star that shines till the day dawn, I manifest and show forth my glory just like Jesus. Glory!


[On Love] – The act of being a wise spouse is the art of knowing what to overlook and what to attend to.

[On Life] – A person who really wants something will find a way, a person who doesn’t will find an excuse.

[On Success/Business] – Thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work.


  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – Genesis 37; Genesis 1 : 16 – 18 ; Daniel 12 : 3
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 20 : 1 – 16 ; Evening – Exodus 23, 24


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