8/12/14 | BEYOND THE ORDER OF SIN AND DEATH – Brother Ransome | #ROR … We Bless The Day!

The Christian is not supposed to deal with sin. Sin has been dealt with. My salvation was completed in two twofold works: I was saved from the penalty of sin, then from the power and the control sin had over me. But sadly, I only took advantage of the former abandoning the latter.

I taught God’s word said the old man was washed and that was all, but little did I know that the old man was corrupted beyond repair. The only way God dealt with my old man was to put it to death. My old man was not crucified by a touch, or some sense of feeling or a physical death, but a spiritual one.

My old man was crucified by “RECKONING, REGARDING and CONSIDERING” (Romans 6:11), and whenever I fail to reckon or fail to consider or disregard this fact, my old man would revive again, because Satan is always looking for an opportunity to reactivate my old man.

Each time I commit sin. It produces two major effects in me. First, the pleasure of sin, and second the craving for more sin. Attempting to hold on to victory several times with your strength will easily cause you to err and miss the mark.

I have been to cross; I know the address, the exact spot where all my stuffs were nailed. The cross terminates the first creation, and out of death a new creation will come into being. This is the ultimate of glorification. I have been taken and the journey was worth it. Of a truth, I can boldly say … “It is possible to live without sin”.

This is not self righteousness; it is not the case of trying, but of trusting, not of struggling, but of resting on Him whom all things are opened before His eyes. I stop to do what I cannot do myself, I have ceased to live, and He now lives in me.

What is in Adam can sin, what is in Christ cannot. I never worked for my salvation, why should I work to maintain or keep it? But Brother Ransome, didn’t the Bible says: …Work out your salvation with fear and trembling? Even Faith without works is dead?

My friend, God never looks at good works; He looks at the source of the good works, and the motivation behind what you are working out. If Abraham was justified by works, he had something to glory of and boast about, but not before God.

What is the source of your good works? Self or the Spirit? Satan is not afraid of Christians with good works, he is afraid of the Christians doing the will of God.

What God offers the believer was not a CHANGED LIFE, rather an EXCHANGED LIFE. The life of a believer was not ATTAINED but OBTAINED. True victory is not in a suppressed life, but the expressed one. My life was not changed but exchanged. I did not give my life to Jesus Christ, He gave me his life.

Sin has its power over us, death has no authority. The eternal given to us is beyond and above every scheme of the devil and beyond the order of sin, devil and death. We are victors, we are conquerors. Glory To God!

*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – I am awakened to the consciousness of my righteousness in Christ Jesus today, I walk in the light and also in the newness of life, the glory is revealed in me and the wisdom of God is made manifest in me today and always in Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY I live above and beyond the order of death and sin, I have full and exact knowledge of every good thing about me in Christ Jesus. I participate and function in its application today and I am conscious to live out the life to its fullest.


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  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – Galatians 2 : 20, Romans 5 : 1 – 5
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 6 : 19 – 34; Evening – Genesis 20, 21, 22


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