9/12/14 | INCREASING YOUR FINANCIAL STATUS – Brother Ransome | #ROR … We Bless The Day!

So many believers right now are stagnant financially. Many are going through critical time of shortage, lack and debt looking for miracles and breakthroughs in their finances. You may even be among them yourself and you have always be expecting that one day financial miracles will come, but each time you believe God for a miracle, another disaster or impossible situation will rise up.

The Holy Spirit has specially laid it upon my heart to bring this message to you today, it is a message that works, and that if you will embrace its contents wholeheartedly, you will begin to swim in the ocean of financial increase and walk in the realms of more than enough.

Your needs will keep growing larger and larger, a time will come that the needs in the body of Christ will become so great, that in the natural, they will appear to be impossible to be met. I am so sure that you too have wondered many times, “…where in the world is the money going to come from to meet all these needs and increasing obligations?”

But this is the SECRET!!! You must become SEED-CONSCIOUS and not NEED-CONSCIOUS. You have to prepare now for the future needs by sowing present seeds into the kingdom now.

John 12 : 24 [KJV]… “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit”. God himself is seed-conscious. When he needed a family, He planted a seed. Jesus was the seed.

He sowed his only “SEED” into the belly of the earth and He reaped a great harvest of sons and daughters that we are today. He didn’t choose some ineffective worn-out angel to use as a seed. He sowed the very best He had, and He reaped the best of all harvests – human souls.

In Ecclesiastes 11: 1 – 6 [Please read the Living Bible Translation] … When you give generously, your gifts or seeds will return to you and by that time, your seeds won’t return to you as seeds again, but as fruits. You may not understand how your seeds are turned into fruits, neither do I. It is the Lord who works all things out in their due time.

But I am so sure of one thing, “If a seed is sown into ground and it dies, it brings forth much fruits”. You cannot fathom how a little orange or mango seed when planted can bring forth hundreds of fruits after its own kind. For dying is a pathway to living again.

When I began ministry 15 years ago, each places I went to preach as a young lad, I seized the opportunity to create a lasting impact. I don’t just preach to people, I raise people. I love to grow things, be it people or project. I watch things grow. Today, these projects are maturing and many of those young people are doing bigger things for God today and for the society.

We don’t know how seeds bring forth fruits. We sow seeds into the ground, patiently nurture, water and tend them, and soonest we reap abundant harvests from them. That’s what God expects us to do with the good seed of His Word. It’s my job to sow seeds, it’s God’s job to meet needs. Glory!!!




*** PRAYER FOR THE DAY – Thank you Holy Spirit for opening my eyes to these glorious revelations from your Word today. My financial status has a new dimension henceforth, and my seeds are turned into multiple fruits and harvests for me in Jesus Name, Amen.

*** CONFESSION OF THE DAY I am seed conscious, not need conscious. I am not a subject to the beggarly elements of this world. I rise above and beyond the status quo. I produce much fruits and I have more than enough. Glory to God!!!


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  • SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – Ecclesiastes 11 : 1 – 6; Galatians 6 : 9; Proverbs 10 : 22
  • ONE YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN : Morning – Matthew 7; Evening – Genesis 23, 24

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