Behavioural adjustment or modification is not the same as being a new creation; neither will making New Year resolutions equate new birth. Firstly, being born again is believing in the finished works of Jesus Christ, secondly living in the reality of who you are in Christ and what Christ has become to you and thirdly having a lifelong commitment to growing daily in His Word. Salvation and Spiritual growth are not the same thing. God is in charge of the former, you’re in charge of the latter. In as much as no effort, performance or work is required from us to improve or keep our salvation; but it is up to you to make progress in the deeper Christian life.

Every living thing grows; the new creation is a living entity. The soul of the new man must be fed by the sincere milk of the Word; the mind must be constantly renewed; the heart must be on fire and aflame for the things of the Spirit. The body must constantly be presented to the Lord as living sacrifice. All these and more are our duties not God’s duty.

God’s word is the new man’s manual for life and living. Consistent and diligent reading, studying, searching and meditating of the Word must be given top priority. Revelation cannot comes until the study of the Word is given a proper place. Prayer cannot be effective until the Word has gained ascendancy in the innermost place of the soul.

We must always release ourselves and let the Holy Spirit indwelling us have His full pre-eminence without any alteration. This will only happen by creating enough time and giving full attention in regular fellowship. Growth does not happen by accident; there are factors responsible, and they are: giving the Word of God the first place, having quality time of prayer and following the leading of the Spirit.


CONFESSION – I give the Word of God the first place in my life, I spend quality time of prayer and I daily follow the leading of the Spirit.