The believer ought not to pray THROUGH Jesus, the believer prays IN the name of Jesus. We have the access to the Father now. The name of Jesus has been given to us an instrument. Therefore, we have the power of attorney to you His name. The Father has granted us all full legal powers and any time we use the name of Jesus, we are actually function in His stead and taking His place on earth.

The New Testament believer has the power of attorney to use the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus has become a believer’s heritage and personal property. Thus, we can make use of it or make a demand to the Father in the name of Jesus. Peter and John used the name as an instrument at the gate of the temple called “Beautiful” in Acts 3: 1 – 11.

When we make declarations in the name of Jesus, circumstances, demons, sickness are bound to listen and obey the believer. The believer can make decrees in the name of Jesus and it will be established. The name of Jesus has been given to us, and we have been ordained to receive answers to our prayers whenever we make demands in that name. He says to us … “In my name, you shall cast out devils, heal, raise the dead etc.” (Mark 16: 17).