Each of us has the ability to explore beauty out of a mundane situation and glory in the midst of pain and chaos. Right within you is a massive and overwhelming amount of power and light. God has created within you a wealth of ideas and possibilities. Whether locked away in the darkest dungeon of this world or opposed by mighty troop of armies, these noble gifts on your inside can find full expression with your commitment to following and acting what God says about you in His Word.

God had a different plan for Peter (Cephas), though He was a fisher man by profession, but God’s original design was for him to be a fisher of men. A fisher man has no value, in fact the devil has nothing to do with a wretched man like Peter, but the whole ordeal changed when Peter began to live out his real purpose. Now, the devil is full of rage immediately he found out that Peter was no longer a fisher man but rather a fisher of men. The devil does not oppose irrelevant and vision-less people; once your eyes are opened to the reality of what the Word says about you he would want to do everything possible to get rid of you just as He wanted to do to Peter, but mighty is God in you, who would raise His standard against the wicked and prevent you from his woes. Stay on the Word of God and trust God enough to fulfil what He says about you. Here is one of the things God says about you:

Philippians 4: 13 [KJV] I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Rise up and take the challenge, make up your mind to win every day; defile all odds, all weaknesses and break through every barricade that stands on your way; explore the power within and reach out as well to the power from on high via prayer.


CONFESSION – I make mighty plans, I take mighty steps and I get mighty results. I follow God’s plans and purposes for my life and I fulfil every detail of it. Halleluyah!


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