Never mistake career with purpose. Career is temporary, Purpose is eternal. Career is chosen by individual, but purpose given by God. Your career is based on what you want for your life, your purpose is based on what God wants for you. You choose your career when you came into this world, but purpose is already given to you before the foundation for his world. You can either give yourself a purpose or can receive a purpose from God. When you give yourself a purpose, you have earthly reward; when you receive a purpose from God, you get eternal reward.

In the work of Ministry, it is God that chooses who you will be and what you will do. You may desire a particular ministry gift, but it is God who chooses you for what He wants. Following God’s purpose is accepting what God chooses for you. Following God’s purpose loves the hand that disciplines you. God’s choice is God’s best for you.

When God chooses someone for a purpose, He anoints him for that purpose. It is unwise to do what God hasn’t anointed you for. God only anoints and endorses what He chooses. The anointing is the supernatural empowerment to fulfil the purpose God has chosen you for. The flow of your anointing is a pointer to your purpose. Purpose is impossible without the anointing.

Stick to your purpose. Stick to your ministry gifts. Don’t try to be ‘an eye’ when you’re called to be ‘a mouth’. Know who you’re sent to. Know what you’re anointed for. Purpose is your protection.  If you stay in your purpose, you’re safe. If you stay in your purpose, you will be successful.

Romans 8: 28 [KJV] – And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


CONFESSION – I have been given a purpose by God before the foundation of the world and I live and run with it. I am who God says I am and I do what God says I should do. I stick to God’s purpose for my life and I fulfill it. Glory to God!


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