1 Peter 5: 7 [KJV] Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

The word “care” in this text above is translated from the Greek word “MERIMNA”, it means worries, concerns or anxieties. It also means to be distracted. Life itself always brings its pressure. Pressure to have, pressure to become, pressure to do something etc.; and with these pressures come worries, and distractions. Worry always comes when a desire that is precious to you are not handled well. The only way to handle all worries is to cast them all upon Jesus.

Worry is a deadly thing, worry is sinful; it is a display of doubt in God’s ability and it produces fear in the mind always; worry is a limitation to an effective prayer life; It robs of faith, peace and trust in God’s word. Worry is a disease that causes other diseases; worry often leads to more trouble, depression, miseries and even death. Worry is a weight that kills prematurely; worry is a stumbling block. It creates torments; it causes spiritual, physical and mental dryness.

We are to prepare and plan for tomorrow, not to worry about tomorrow. Planning and worrying are two different things. The best way to plan is to commit every detail of that plan to God by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving [Philippians 4: 6 – 8]. Cast all your care on Him because “His care will fix all your cares”. Just like Abraham, refuse to stagger at the awful situation, but be strong in faith giving glory to God!


CONFESSION – All my cares are cast on Jesus; He fixes all my cares; He’s in charge of all that concerns me. I am free from all worries and anxieties.


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