It is impossible to fully grasp or understand the work of the Holy Spirit without first coming to know Him as person. It is the revelation of the personality of the Holy Spirit that would unveil His ministry to us. The Holy Spirit is not a fire, wind, dove, water, oil etc. as some would think of, the Holy Spirit is not abstract or something you have to feel.

The Holy Spirit is not power but He will definitely bring the power of God in your life. He is not a tongue but He will give you utterance to speak in tongues. The Holy Spirit is a person and He is a divine person. Your Christian experience cannot be and perfectly awesome if you have not grasped the knowledge of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8 : 5 ; 2 Corinthians 3 : 17).

 Many have the idea of the Holy Spirit as force or an influence or something they can get hold of whenever they require a super power. The Holy Spirit is a person, not necessarily with hands, feet, eyes, nose etc; but a being with knowledge, will, feelings and thoughts. Any being who has the ability to feel, know and desire is a person. Thus, the Holy Spirit is not abstract or some sort of invisible force; He has a personality.  

For example, in (Ephesians 4: 30) … “and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. This implies that the Holy Spirit has emotions and He can be grieved. He hears, he sees, he knows all our thoughts. The Holy Spirit was with God all along from the beginning of creations. He was there with God moving upon the face of the waters. He is the one who accomplishes every word of the Father (Genesis 1). He is the third head or person of the trinity (John 14:16 – 17; 15: 26).

He empowers men to do beyond the ordinary. He’s the one with whom we have been sealed; He’s the indwelling presence. He can be worshiped and fellowshipped with. He’s the face of Jesus on the earth and the one who testifies of Him. Spend more of your time with Him more, get to know Him. He yearns for a glorious time with you. Glory to God!


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