James 5: 16 [KJV] – Confess your faults one to another and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much

Firstly, prayer should be looked upon in the light of the person who is praying and not the items, content or the pattern of the prayer. The person involved and the items of the prayer are both important; but the person who is praying is more vital in the place of prayer.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much; not just any man but a righteous man. This is the right foundation for prayer. This ought to be the underlying factor of every kind of prayer. God is interested and delighted in the person who is praying because He is a righteous man.

The gift and nature of Righteousness imparted in us at salvation has given us right standing with God. We have an equal right and access before God just as Jesus. The believer must be conscious of his right standing with God while praying; this is the secret and factor that makes prayer effective.

The reality of righteousness as a gift and a nature of the believer is one the biggest revelations in the body of Christ. We must be constantly awakened to this righteousness consciousness; when we live in this reality at all times, we can destroy fear, worries or doubt; and rejoice in the fact that answers are on their way.


The devil is an expert in bringing accusations, guilt or the memories of our past shortcomings and faults; he does this to purposely distract us and be sin conscious. But when we arm ourselves with the fact that we have a right standing with God which cannot be undone by any scheme or devices; we can easily quench the fiery darts or the railings of the accuser.

God has declared you righteous. He has credited his righteousness in you. You have the gift and the nature of God. You have access and right to use your authority in Christ Jesus and the devil will have no choice than to bow. Before you start to pray; make bold and declare your stance of righteousness in Christ. Let every fiber of your being, cell of your blood and the bones of your body correspond to this reality. The prayer of a righteous man works tremendously. Go ahead and pray with this consciousness now. Glory to God!

CONFESSION – I am righteous in Christ Jesus; with full right standing and assurance in the finished works Christ Jesus. My prayers are effective and they avail much. I am ordained and qualified to receive answers to my prayers. Glory to God!



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