In architecture, if you want to build a high structure your foundation must be very deep. Same thing goes for spiritual growth. Solid spiritual development requires solid foundation.

E.M Bound once said; it takes 20 years to fully make a minister of the gospel. I totally agree with him; not 20 years of frivolities but 20 years of faithfully devoted to God’s plans and purposes. The higher you desire to go in God’s plans, the deeper your devotion would be. But the good news is, the grace is always available to as far as you want to go.

1Timothy 4: 15 [KJV] – Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them: that thy profiting may appear unto all.

The beginning of our Christian life may not be marked with many experiences, but as we make commitment and devotion to go deeper in spiritual growth we will come to a place where we can recognize and intimately know God and His will beyond what eyes can see or ears can hear.

Paul admonishes Timothy to “GIVE HIMSELF COMPLETELY” to everything he has seen, learnt and received from him. This is very important and requisite to his progress. Spiritual growth is not a mouth thing; it is a life of sacrifice. A life devoted to the Word of God and prayer (Acts 6: 4), a life dedicated to walking in perfect love.

This is God’s intention for all His children; to get deeper in His world and to reach for the higher life in Christ Jesus; to live and go beyond the mundane things of this world and flow in God’s plans and purposes.




CONFESSION – I see and know better; I give myself completely to growing spiritually and to walking in God’s perfect plan and purpose for my life.

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