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Deuteronomy 8: 18 [KJV]But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth …

Oftentimes people easily forget God when they become prosperous. They forget the main reason God has blessed them. They forget God’s purpose for their finances. They forget that it is “He” who giveth power to get wealth.

We often get carried away from the purpose of which God prospered us, we spend fortunes on things we do not really need, things we are not proud to bring before the presence of Jesus, and we also spend fortunes to maintain and sustain those things.

Think for a moment on this…

Have you spent half of what you spend on yourself on the gospel, on missions, the projects in your local church or the poor people in the last one year?

If believers will not support the gospel from within, do we expect unbelievers to fund it from without? No a thousand times. God will use believers to sponsor His work and spread it to the ends of the earth no unbelievers

It is high time we raised our standard of giving, not living. It is high time we understood why God placed us in that position of influence and made us custodians of His resources. It is high time we stopped thinking we are doing God favour by giving to the gospel. It is our responsibility. God counts on us.

Remember, it is His power at work in that brought you this far. Remember you are nothing without Him. He owns you and all you have. Remember Him, remember the God that prospered you. Remember!



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