Ephesians 3:12 [KJV]- In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.

Whenever we pray to the Father in the name of Jesus, it is as though Jesus is the one praying to the Father. We are standing in the place of Jesus whenever we use His name. God sees Christ in us and also He sees us in Christ.

Our prayers have been ordained for answers, and just as God wouldn’t turn away from any request Jesus makes, so also for every one of us in Christ Jesus. Our prayers are good in the ears of the Father and are ordained for answers. This is an awesome privilege.

The reason for our boldness in the place of prayer is because Christ has granted us equal access to approach God and commune with Him without any intermediary. We have been adopted by God and His indwelling presence in us, the Holy Spirit causes us to call Him “Abba Father”(Romans 8: 15).


He is our “Father”now, and we are His sons; we have boldness and confidence to call him “Father”. We know Him and He is known of us. The access to Him can never be denied us. We are for Him and He is for us.

Go ahead now and enjoy sweet discourse with your Father. He is always available. He yearns for your fellowship. Don’t come feeling unworthy or with a sense of need. Just come as you are. Come with arms wide open; come to the table to feast. The access has been given. Use your access now!

Your access is your boldness and confidence in what Jesus has accomplished for you in His death, burial and resurrection. This is what pleases the Father.

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, I make bold that I am full in you and you are full in me and by this virtue of your fullness, I am overcome, I triumph and win on a consistent basis. I am a bundle of success and relevance today in Jesus name.


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