Philemon 6 [KJV] – That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good of every good thing which is you in Christ Jesus.

The word “communication” here regards to “what you participate in” or “what you share”. The participation/sharing of our faith will become operative by fully discerning and recognizing every good thing which is us in Christ. This kind of recognition or discernment is obtained by the study of Word. The sharing of your faith is very important but not the most important thing in this context but the acknowledging of the person Christ and every good thing which is us. We can only supply to the world and the Church what we have fully acknowledged, discerned and recognized.

It is a good thing to teach or relate what we know to others, but here Paul says that the sharing of our faith will be effectual and operative when we come to the full and exact knowledge of every good thing which is us in Christ Jesus. The revelation of Christ is the revelation of the believer and the Church. If Christ will be seen clearly by all men and if the church will fully come to her rightful place; hence full and exact knowledge of Christ is required, revelation knowledge must keep on coming until Christ is unveiled and formed in us completely; and this cannot happen unless the written word is given the most important place.

Faith is made stronger by knowledge. The knowledge of the Word is the source of faith. You cannot grow in faith beyond your knowledge of the Word of God. The reason for weak faith is due to lack or the insufficiency of God’s word. The same goes for prayer. The highest motivation for prayer comes from the full comprehension of God’s word. A successful prayer life cannot be sustained and maintained without the understanding of the Word. Each time the word of God causes our faith level to meet with the level of God’s faith, prayer will surely come forth on its own accord.


CONFESSION – I fully acknowledge every good thing which is in me in Christ Jesus and I am effectively spreading the fragrance of Christ to the ends of the earth. Glory to God!


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