Hebrews 10: 14 [KJV]For by one offering he hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.

Some folks would to doubt their salvation after a while because they no longer have the same feeling they always had at the early stages of their new birth experience. Everything in this kingdom is based realities not feelings. Many folks have relied on their feelings rather than on the realities of who they have become and what they have received.

In heaven, you would not need faith to see God or talk with Him; with your sight, you will see and know it all. But as long as you are encased in your mortal bodies, you must refuse to operate based on your senses. Faith alone is the recognized entity. Every reality of the kingdom or the operations of God on the earth must be realized and accessed by faith.

Refuse to listen to the voice of your senses, put off the voices of your unrenewed mind and embrace the realities of God’s word. Withdraw your eyes from things visible, for if you follow your sensuality, you will vex your own soul and alter the Spirit’s work in you, with the word of God in you in increasing measure, you shall be able to silence any uncomplimentary element.

We do not become righteous by what we have done or how good our feelings are. Our righteousness is based on our faith in Christ alone. The righteousness of Jesus was credited to our account by faith in Him. We are masters over feeling, we have received victory by faith and our life is an ever increasing life of glory. We are stress free, grace filled and overwhelmed with joy unspeakable. We are perfect in Christ forever!


CONFESSION – I am one with God in Christ Jesus; I am perfect in Him, sealed and sanctified. I rejoice always because every item of my life is saved, secured and perfected in Christ Jesus my Lord. Glory to God!



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