Romans 5: 1 [KJV] – Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ:

To be justified means to be “declared not guilty”. It is the judicial act of God to declare a sinner as a saint and that he is no longer exposed to the penalty or the punishment for the sins he once committed. A man’s status and position is altered for good before God by placing his faith in Christ Jesus.

In the scripture above, you will notice that the word “justified” is in past tense reality; which means it is has been consummated, the deal is done. It is what has been done for the believer. God is not going to justify you anymore, He has already done that.

This Justification came to you through God’s unmerited, undeserved and unearned favour and also by placing your faith in His benevolence. I am bold to appear before God as though I never sinned. I am no longer and will never be guilty of any offence. Jesus has taken all punishments in His body when He laid down his life on the cross for me. I am a free being, a free born in Christ.

God has declared me good in Christ; I am justified in Christ and as far as I am concerned, I am free and not guilty of any sin. I am safe and sound; saved and secured. I have right standing with God, the Lord Jesus and the precious Holy Spirit. My justification is a legal act backed by God almighty himself.

Never again would I have to be afraid or become a victim of the awful circumstances of the past, present or the future. God has settled all for me in Christ. I have been justified by the precious blood of His son Jesus Christ and rescued from the wrath to come. Every item of me is pleasing to God in Christ Jesus.

CONFESSION – I have been justified in Christ by faith. I have no guilt or shame or condemnation in my system. I have been discharged and acquitted. I am not guilty of any offense or fault. I am justified; every item of my life is holy, pure and well pleasing to God. I increase daily in the knowledge of God’s word and its reality at work in me, Glory to God!

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