God is more willing to provide for your material needs than you’re willing to get them. God is more than willing to give you a comfortable life than you’re willing to get them yourself. It is His desire and pleasure to bring all the good things of this life for your possession. God is delighted when you have abundance and surplus.

You have bills to pay or project to finance; perhaps your rent is due and the landlord has given an ultimatum to renew your rent or you either park out. As a student, maybe the deadline to pay the fees is just two day away and there is not a single dime. It looks like everything is falling apart and you’re about to lose the precious admission you worked so hard for.

This is not a moment to panic or worry; it is not a moment to cry and say O God please help me. It wouldn’t work. It is a moment to stand firm and fasten your heart on the integrity of the promises of the word and declare “All my needs are met according to God’s riches in Christ Jesus”. It is a moment where you express audacious faith in the face of staggering circumstance. It is a moment to scream and roar for joy.

It is a moment where you fill and jam-pack your spirit, soul and body with the reality of the word of God; not just the word committed to the memory, but the Living Word indwelling in the innermost part of the heart. It is a moment to voice the supply, not the need. It is a moment to be abundance conscious, and not lack minded. It is a moment to vocalize your faith and rejoice in the imminent provision God is making available to you and before long the answers have rolled in without a struggle.

Glory to God!!!

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCE – 2 Corinthians 4: 13; Philippians 4: 19

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