You had no dime, yet God gave you a global ministry.
You are laden with frailties and shortcomings, yet He anointed you.
He gave you that world vision and also a large heart to contain it.

If it is natural or ordinary, then it is no longer Ministry.
Ministry is Faith Project.

You are called to do the impossible.
You are called to to do bigger things with God.
Great ministry is all about great faith.

The devil might not really attack you outwardly, but he’ll mess with your inner members
and vex your soul with worries and anxiety.

Alas! The Just shall live by faith.
The Just shall live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
Not the Word committed to memory only, but the Word dwelling in the innermost being.

Faith is acting, trusting and staying totally on the Word.
The Living Word is the result of Faith.
We walk by faith, not by sensory perceptions.

We feed on the Word until no storm shake our innermost calm.
We feed on the Word until every sense of need and worry is lost.
We feed on the Word until our actions and reactions are unperturbed by outward forces.
We feed on the Word until we become unconscious of oppositions and circumstances.
We feed on the Word until we pull down every high thing that competes with the knowledge of God in us.

His Word active and alive in us is the victory that overcomes the world.

Luke 1 : 35 [KJV] – “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”

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