Acts 6: 4 [KJV] – “but we will give ourselves “CONTINUALLY” to prayer and to the ministry of the Word”.

The minister’s greatest duty is his/her unflinching devotion to prayer and the study of the Word. It is the holiest and highest vocation. It is also the hardest work. It is a work of labour. The devil will do everything to keep you away from it. There are no men who are experts in prayer; there are only men who have chosen to be intentional about it.

The church was birthed in the upper room in much waiting and much praying, then the Word became effective and prevailed thereafter; church growth became easier thereafter also.

Every effective ministry is a product of effective praying and in – depth study/spreading of the word. If the devil can keep you away from these two; he has taken ministry from you. Nothing can be done without it, and with it everything is possible.

We learn from the word to pray, and we pray also to learn from the word. We pray as much as we study, and study as much as we pray! If you can raise men to pray, if you can train and equip them with the Word; you have raised men to win souls, you have raised men to take cities.

These two will fill up your empty chairs; slay sinners at their sights of you. They will keep your head oily and bring noble men to you.

So many who find it hard to spend long hours in fellowship (in prayer and in the word) with God are those who have never tasted the beauty of fellowship. Though a successful spiritual activity isn’t based on the long hours spent, but we cannot also do business with God within few minutes.

A life of fire is a life of prayer, a life of fire is a life loaded with the accurate knowledge of the word. A life of consistency is a life of result.

The effect of your ministry on the people is determined by the effect of the ministry on you first. The effect of the Word on people is determined by the Spirit in which it is released and delivered. The fire on the pews is directly proportional to the fire behind the pulpit.

A minister’s impact is measured by His depth in God and the degree of his yieldedness. You have nothing to give to the world if you have not given all to God. No work demands such high degree of concentration and dedication than the work of the ministry.

You cannot apprehend souls of men like you apprehend material things. Spiritual children are Spirit birthed.

Don’t be quick to give words. Send your spirit first. This is how things happen in this kingdom, things are made by things which to do not appear. Before words are delivered, let the Spirit explode.

Do ministry at the highest level. On your knees! In the secret place! For the greatest cause. For the infinite gain! For the power and the glory! And in your age, and in the ages to come, God himself would have shown forth through you.

Any work that delays prayer has delayed its own good; no matter the urgency of such work, if it lacks prayer and proper spiritual guidance; it will not achieve its aim.

We have a blessed ministry, to go beyond our needs and personal interests; to share the same burden with Jesus in sweet discourse, and we will achieve in one year with prayer what we could not in a decade without it.

Your Fellowship with the Father is the hallmark of your assignment. It is the inner core of the life you’re called to live. Everything dies without it, and with it, all things blossom.

There are only two ministries in the ministry. “Of Prayer” and “The Word”

“… but we will give ourselves “CONTINUALLY” to prayer and to the ministry of the Word”…



These two are inescapable! These are all that mattered to the apostles and the medieval patriarchs. With these two alone, Salvation got to us, and we received ministry.

With these two also, we will bring salvation to others, and they too will receive ministry.

Ultimate ministry is not behind the pulpit. The collar does not bring the calling! Seminaries do not make preachers! Men of God are not made in Bible colleges. They are made in the secret place! In the private place of prayer, of studies and in moments of holy meditations.

Your flow in ministry is directly proportional to your fellowship with God. Fellowshipping the Father is a minister’s true work of the ministry. Fellowshipping the Father is a minister’s full assignment.

New visions are waiting to be birthed
Men are yearning to receive ministry and spiritual gifts.
Nations are calling.

The creation groans in pain, sickness and sin till now.
You can stop the Devil on their behalf and yell at him “nay”

For an outpouring! Of the Word, Of The Spirit, Of The Miraculous.

Awake dear soldier awake!
Distant shores await you.

Awake for your sons and daughters.

Awake for the Lord’s recovery.

Awake to rescue the perishing.

Awake For The millions yet untold.


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